How to Stay Safe on the Road

How to Stay Safe on the RoadWith growing traffic congestion, it is becoming more difficult to drive safely, and these risks are compounded in August, the long-running most dangerous month to drive. With car accidents being a major cause of stress, expense, injury, and even death, it’s vital to make sure you are driving as safely as possible.

Remember, you should never be driving without an auto insurance policy in place to keep you and your vehicle protected. In addition to insurance coverage, however, there are a few other ways that you can proactively keep yourself safe behind the wheel. 

#1: Give Yourself Enough Time.

We’re all so busy often running late to obligations. Hurrying your driving may seem normal to you, but it makes driving that much more dangerous, and it’s been statistically proven to not add any significant benefits to your commute time. Allow extra time to get where you’re going, just in case you run into traffic or have to go around unexpected construction. Shaving a couple of seconds or even minutes off of your commute is not worth causing an accident.

#2: Cut Out Distractions.

Do not get on your phone while driving. How important is for you to reply to that text or call? Is it a life-changing situation? Not at all. If you are using your cell phone while driving, you won’t be giving full attention to your driving and other drivers around you.

The risk of using cell phones while driving is commonly underestimated. If you must reply to an urgent text or call, simply wait until you find a safe place to park.

If you must use your phone (for example, if you need to navigate to an unfamiliar area), look into the devices that attach to your windshield or hang from your rearview mirror. They will allow you to access your phone without taking your attention away from the road.

#3: Keep Calm.

Everyone is bound to experience road rage from time to time. If you find yourself growing irritated as you wait in a traffic jam or as a driver cuts you off, take a deep breath and try to put it all into perspective. Is this a life and death situation? Or will you just be a little late to where you’re headed?

Think about the individual who cut you off. Maybe that’s a mom racing to pick up her kid who just fell at school and got injured. Maybe they need to visit a sick friend or family member. You never know others’ situations and most likely can’t do anything about yours anyway. 

Keeping cool and collected helps to avoid accidents, so find something good on the radio (but don’t let your fiddling with the radio distract you) and let it be.

#4: Avoid Sleepy Driving.

If you’ll be driving for long stretches of time, be sure to get plenty of sleep the night before. Once you’re on the road, take breaks every few hours, even if it is just to stretch your legs. If you find yourself growing tired on the road, pull off as soon as you can and take a rest.

It’s beneficial to have someone come along to share the driving with you. Or, if they’re not up for driving, at least see if someone will come along. This passenger can keep you company, help keep you awake and alert, and act as a navigator.  

#5: Keep Enough Distance.

Always pay attention to how close your vehicle is to the car ahead of you. It’s common to need to come to a fast stop, so be sure there is enough room for you to brake safely. The common recommendation is keeping two vehicle-lengths between your car and the one in front of you, but in heavily congested or stop-and-go areas, you may want to consider more.


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