It’s Hot and Your Business’s Air Conditioner Has Broken: What to Do?

It’s Hot and Your Business’s Air Conditioner Has Broken: What to Do?One of the worst things a business can go through during the summer has to do with a broken air conditioner. Businesses need cool air to keep customers and staff happy, and depending on your business, it could be the difference maker in having to endure some financial loss due to inventory spoilage. Repairing and replacing an A/C unit could cost your business major bucks, especially during the hottest and busiest time of the year. IN fact, on average, it could cost you up to $3,000 to just replace the coil, that’s not to mention the cost of a whole new unit if that’s what it comes to.

So, what can you do to look out for air conditioners that need repairing and how can you fix the situation once it arises? Here are some tips.

Insure Your Business

Having business insurance in place will be a huge help when dealing with the costs of faulty air conditioning units. An effective business insurance program may not necessarily cover the costs of a broken A/C unit, although that can be an option worked out with your provider, but it can help to cover financial loss related to inventory issues. As mentioned above, if your business involves having to keep product fresh, such as food or flowers, for example, and those items spoil or wilt because of a broken air conditioner, then you’re going to need help recovering any loss.

Watch Out for Signs in the First Place

A good way to test if a unit has issues and is possibly on its way out it by monitoring whether or not it can keep your business at a consistent temperature, such as 78 degrees. If it can’t take the temperature down to 78 and hold it there, then it’s about to break completely. Other warning signs include unusual noises coming from outside your unit as any sounds out of the ordinary are definite signs of a soon-to-be-broken A/C.

Be Aware of Costs

The cost of a repair can range from a couple of hundred dollars up to a few thousand. Even if it comes out to a quick fix and tune up that won’t break the bank, do you really want to be dealing with financial risks? Get in touch with local A/C service companies to see what they would charge and feel out who is a better bang for your buck but who can also provide exceptional service when you need it.

It’s Time to Call Your Repair Professional and Landlord

If you’ve looked out for the warning signs, fielded prices, and are starting to lose inventory with a fastly rising temperature moving into your business, it’s time to ring up the repair service. For business owners leasing their space, it’s important to check in with your landlord to see what needs to be done. They may have you reach out to your repair service of choice or have to take care of it on their end. Doing your research on your preferred service provider is always a solid proactive step to take, but also keeping your landlord in the know will help to alleviate any renter’s issues with repairs.

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