Preparing Your Vehicle for Fall: Battery Maintenance

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Preparing Your Vehicle for Fall: Battery MaintenanceIn this series of blogs, we’re covering the best ways to prepare your vehicle for fall. We’ve already touched on the basics, including how to take care of your tires. Since there are fewer things that are more inconvenient and stressful than turning your engine only to discover a dead battery, we’re dedicating this article to maintenance tips for optimizing its lifespan. Before reading on, protect yourself and your vehicle with a comprehensive CT Auto Insurance policy.

Drive it.

Simple enough, right? Driving your vehicle regularly gives your alternator the chance to charge the battery. Leaving it off for extended periods of time results in battery drainage. So, even if you aren’t a frequent driver, or you work from home, take your vehicle for a spin every few days to keep up it’s lifespan.

Keep it clean.

Batteries often end up corroded and dirty. This isn’t great for its charge, and a much better option is to keep the battery and its surrounding area as clean as possible. All it takes is a simple wiping down to get rid of much of that dirt and grime, and that can go a long way toward keeping your battery charged. Consider doing a simple cleaning around your regular service appointments, or when you get your vehicle inspected, recommends Precision Tune Auto Care.

Be mindful of plugins.

Charging your phone on the go is a must, but unless you need to use your car charger, refrain. Doing so constantly will drain your battery quicker.

Insulate it.

Controlling your battery’s temperature can expand its life. Purchasing specific insulation for the gaps around your battery can be a good investment. However, be sure it’s meant for that purpose, sticking in odds and ends of material under the hood can be dangerous and counterproductive.


Keeping up with regular maintenance for your vehicle affects the life of your battery, as well. Maintaining your vehicle and getting regular inspections, tune-ups and oil changes means that your car will function as it’s supposed to. If not, engine issues can occur, causing more strain on your battery. Remember, without a healthy battery, your vehicle is as good as dead. So, taking a few extra precautions, especially during the unforgiving and cold fall months, can keep your battery in good condition and prevent you from being stranded on the side of the road in inclement weather.


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