Pros and Cons of Weddings for Every Month of the Year

Pros and Cons of Weddings for Every Month of the YearWhen planning your wedding, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by all of the details, one of the most important being when you will hold your big event. Don’t worry: choosing your wedding month is simple when knowing how to weigh your options and which factors need some extra consideration. You may decide to do it on your anniversary as a couple, in a month that has a long weekend, a time of year with beautiful weather, or a month you consider special.

With the seasons in full swing, be sure to purchase Connecticut Wedding Insurance, just to make sure that your wedding is protected against any possible mishaps. As you make your decisions, be aware of the pros and cons of wedding month to know effects on other details such as budget, guests, and venue.


With a winter wedding, the most important thing to consider is the weather. In Connecticut, for example, temperatures in the dead of winter on average range from 33 to 42 degrees Fahrenheit during the day and 16 to 25 degrees Fahrenheit at night. There could be a chance of rain and snow, depending on where you’re holding your wedding, and this could make travel arrangements and calls for insuring your wedding a bit more difficult. That’s not to say that a winter wedding can’t be wonderful; you just need to take it into account during the planning process, and make sure that you’re insured for possible weather mishaps.

  • December provides a festive atmosphere with holiday spirit in the air.  However, businesses typically hold holiday parties in December, so you would have to book your venue early. There is also the fact that guests may be out of town for the holidays and would not be able to attend.
  • January may be an ideal month for winter fanatics. It is perfect for a Winter Wonderland theme. However, people might not be able to take time off so soon after the holidays.
  • February is a popular wedding month because it is one of the most romantic times of the year, but flowers will be more expensive and the weather can be unpredictable as it transitions from winter to spring. You could see snow, or you could see a mild, sunny day.


Spring is a popular time of year for weddings for many reasons. The weather is growing warmer, the days are longer, the flowers are blooming, and some foods enter their prime season in the springtime.

  • March brings beautiful spring colors, but it can still be chilly with a chance of late-season weather condition. Be sure a spring wedding, particularly an early spring wedding, is insured and prepped for weather.
  • April is wonderful time of year for a wedding. There’s possibility of spring showers, but the warmer temperatures normally allow for an outdoor wedding. Just in case, have some tents handy. As a bonus, a tent wedding can create a comfortable, cozy atmosphere.
  • May provides warmer weather with flowers in full bloom. It’s a beautiful month for an outdoor wedding, however there’s still threat of rain, so a back-up plan will be required if it’s outdoors. Wedding insurance in Connecticut is equipped to cover expenses in case plans fail.


Summer is a great time of year for weddings for many reasons. The days are even longer, the weather is even warmer, and many of your guests may have time off from school or work. However, these benefits also come with some drawbacks: your guests could already have vacation plans, and an excessively hot day could be uncomfortable for your guests and the bridal party.

  • June is a popular month for weddings, so you’d need to book a venue early. The reason for its popularity is obvious: it is warm, but the extreme summer heat is likely to not yet have arrived. An evening garden wedding can be stunning.
  • July and August are the hottest months and not ideal for a daytime outdoor wedding, unless your location has a more temperate climate. If you are planning an outdoor summer wedding, consider your guests’ comfort. It’s better to hold it in the morning, evening, or have it indoors.


Last but not least, fall weddings have many advantages. The weather has cooled down but has not yet reached the winter lows, and the leaves are changing color.

  • September is a gorgeous time for an outdoor wedding, with the cooler weather and autumn leaves, and there’s a lower chance of thunderstorms than in summer. However, keep in mind that this is back-to-school season, so some guests may have travel constraints.
  • October is cooler, though the cold of winter has not arrived. The leaves have all changed to beautiful autumn shades. The back-to-school season is over and the holiday rush has not yet begun, making it a great wedding month.
  • November, being the beginning of the holiday season, gives you the option to incorporate a holiday theme into your wedding, though holiday rush could add some extra stress. It also is not unheard of for there to be snow in certain places in November, so make sure to prepare for possible weather disruptions.

No matter the month you choose, consider the worth of insuring your Connecticut wedding.

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