The Real Cost of Insuring Your Nuptials

The Real Cost of Insuring Your NuptialsProtecting any large investment is a smart choice, and a wedding is no exception. More and more couples are deciding to look into Wedding Insurance coverage before planning their big day. Purchasing wedding insurance will cover you in case of natural disasters, illness, and vendor issues, and will help to provide peace of mind in what can often be a very hectic time. But what are the big expenses?

Worth the Expense?

Many venues don’t offer refunds, instead requesting that you get insurance 30 days prior to the event so they won’t have to face challenges to the contract in the event of a cancellation. Wedding insurance protects both you and the venue from cancellation and postponement costs, so it is beneficial to receive wedding insurance quotes before signing with a venue.

If your venue requires you to purchase liability insurance, or you’re deciding on a policy for your upcoming nuptials, it’s important to know who can assist you. There will be many details to consider for your policy, and understanding how wedding insurance can truly save your day is the first step. Wedding insurance will be a small price to pay for your peace of mind.

What is Covered?

There are typically three types of wedding coverage plans that are offered by insurers.

  • General liability coverage is what is normally required by many venues. This coverage  will make up for significant damage and other unforeseen accidents and injuries.
  • Cancellation coverage protects your investment if the venue happens to be destroyed by a natural disaster, or if the wedding is postponed due to an illness.
  • Loss of deposits coverage is a type of plan that will protect you if specific personnel are no longer able to perform their crucial duties, an example being a limo driver going out of business after you have already paid him.

You will find that many plans are customizable and allow you to tailor a wedding insurance policy to your needs.

Why Risk It?

Disasters do happen, whether it is destructive weather conditions, a death in the family, or a no-show vendor. Many times things do not go as planned, and taking protective measures will come in handy. Some other things to consider getting wedding insurance coverage for are photos and videos, special jewelry, special attire, cake and catering, and gifts. You can never be too prepared, and we at Byrnes Agency are here to ensure that your special day runs smoothly from start to finish.


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