Renters Insurance for College Students: Decorating Tips

Renter's Insurance for College Students: Decorating TipsSpring time means one thing for your high school senior: college admissions letters. As your child chooses the school that’s the best fit for them, you’ll want to make sure they are prepared for their freshman year. Below are tips on how to outfit and decorate their new space.

Comforter. The bed is the main focus of the room and at times will double as a couch, lounge, or study area. Pick a durable comforter that won’t show dirt. It will also be the central feature of the room, so make sure to pick a color scheme they like. Keep in mind that most beds are extra long, so make sure to purchase sheets and comforters that fit.

Care package. Leave a little bit of home behind for your college freshman to discover later. Pack a box with their favorite treats, gift cards to local eateries, and a note. It will help combat any homesickness (which they’ll deny ever having).

Kitchen essentials. Some schools have restrictions on what type of kitchen items you can bring into your dorm. Most allow refrigerators, but may not allow microwaves. A lot of dorms however, will have a kitchenette students can use. Outfit your freshman with at least one set of dishes, utensils, and a coffee mug as well as snack to get them through those late night study sessions.

Organization & Wall Décor. Making the transition from their own room to sharing space can be difficult- having a few organizational details is essential. Raise the bed with cement blocks or bed risers to make more room for under-bed storage space. Closet organizers are a great way to keep shoes and clothes neatly aligned. Bring frames of friends and family members and posters to liven up drab walls.

Check your insurance policy. If your child is living in a dorm, then typically your homeowners’ policy would cover their belongings for a limited amount This depends on the type of policy and the insurance company that issued the policy. If they are living in an apartment, then renters insurance is a great option.

The Byrnes Agency offers college students Renters insurance at very reasonable prices. The policy will cover personal property in the event it’s damaged as a result of fire, storm, theft, etc. Take the extra step to make sure your child is protected even when they leave home. Contact us today for more information.