Top 6 Tips for Buying a Car Online

Top 6 Tips for Buying a Car OnlineThis series of blogs has focused on car buying, selling and leasing tips. Whether you’re in the market to lease a new vehicle or you want to purchase a car via an online dealership department, you’ll need to be armed with the right information. In this digital age, there is more information and tools at your fingertips than ever before, tipping the scales in your favor. In this final installment in our article series, we’re providing six foolproof tips for navigating a car purchase online.

Research the perfect car for you.

Depending on your needs, budget, lifestyle, seating and style, you can narrow down your vehicle search online. Take into account fuel economy and cost of ownership, as well, before choosing to visit the dealership for a test drive. You can find all of this information online so you when you arrive at the dealership, you’re already a well-educated buyer.

Identify a fair price.

Always research the vehicle’s local MSRP, or what the dealership wants you to pay for the car, and invoice price, or what the dealership paid the manufacturer for the car. Research these variables online to compare offers from dealerships. New tools aggregate recent transactions to show the average price recently paid for the car. Always ask which fees and options are included in the car’s price when buying a car. Make sure price quotes are not withholding fees such as destination charges, document fees, options, or add-ons for the make and model on the dealer’s lot, says Bankrate.

By comparing prices at different locations, you can determine what a fair price is for the vehicle so you don’t overpay.

Determine your trade-in value.

If you have a car already that you want to trade in, this can work in your favor in terms of down payment at the dealership. However, note that they will likely offer you the least amount of money for your car. Other options include selling privately or to CarMax, a used car dealership.

Check the total value of your vehicle on Kelley Blue Book prior to visiting the dealership so you can negotiate favorable trade-in terms.

Get quotes.

Submit online requests or call the dealership for quotes on the specific make, model, and specifications for the vehicle you want. The more specific you are, the more accurate the quote will be. Gather a few different ones to see where you can get the most for your money.


This is the most important part of the car-buying process. Use your quotes to compare market value versus invoice price.

When evaluating any price quotes, be sure they are itemized in an email, and remember to ask whether any extra fees are withheld or included in price quotes. Items such as “customer service fees,” options and add-ons, which are negotiable and can be removed, can tack on thousands to your overall price. If one dealer gives you a price you like, you can email the quote to another dealer to get competing bids, especially if you know exactly what each price quote includes.

Be prepared to negotiate financing (unless you’ve already been approved by an outside lender) and trade-in value, if applicable, to get the best overall deal. Finally, don’t be afraid to say “no” to add-ons you don’t need.

Get insurance.

Typically, you have approximately one week to equip your vehicle with the CT Car Insurance of your choice. But, don’t procrastinate passed that window, otherwise you’ll be on the hook for any damage you incur.


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