7 Important Tips for Summer Car Cleaning

Important Tips for Summer Car CleaningLet’s face it: summer car cleaning in the heat can make it harder and less motivating to do it consistently. But luckily, keeping your car in prime condition does not have to be so difficult if you just follow a few simple tips.

1. Clean the Air Conditioner

There are a variety of different particles that can collect in your air conditioning system, only to be blown around and pollute the air in your vehicle. In the summer months, when your AC is all but a requirement, this is an important thing to keep an eye out for.

Consider ordering an AC air refresher or speak to a professional about getting your AC system cleaned.

2. Remove the Dust

Allergies can be extra aggravated in the summertime, so now that you have cleared out your AC vents, it is time to remove all remaining dust from your car’s interior. Begin this process by vacuuming out all interiors inside the car and then proceed to shampoo the carpets. This will definitely help give you the fresh car rides that you are looking for.

3. Avoid Eating In the Car

Driving through your favorite fast food restaurants can be extremely tempting on long road trips or after beach days or tough days at work. You should avoid eating inside your car as much as possible, because the smell clings to fabrics and when the car heats up it releases the scent even more.

4. Make Time for Consistent Car Washes

The dry summer months will expose your car to more dust than at other times of the year. Another issue is that the dirt will be more visible because of the higher levels of sunlight.

Plan routine washes so that your car can shine in the sunlight.

5. Maintain a Clean Screen  

Dust and bugs will inevitably make your car’s exterior screen dirty. Many times people often overlook the cleanliness of the car’s grill, but this can impact the car’s health so be sure to stay on top of your screen washes on a regular basis. You would not want to be caught out on longer trips.

6. Cover Your Car

Summer temperatures can sometimes become too much to bear. Exposing your paintwork to heat and strong sun rays can easily cause damage. An affordable car cover will help to avoid this if you don’t have a garage to store your car in.

7. Check Coolant Levels

Make a weekly check to ensure coolant is between the minimum and maximum marks. Adequate coolant levels are vital to prevent your engine from overheating during summer and will also safeguard against long-term damage.

No matter what time of year it is, Connecticut car insurance is available to assist you for when you need it most. Make sure you’re never caught out on the road without it.


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