What to Do When a Guest Falls in Your Home During a Gathering

As Thanksgiving approaches, you must have a plan in the event that a guest falls in your home during the gathering. People throughout the U.S. will try hazardous activities such as deep-frying a turkey, even though fires and injuries result from this unfortunate stunt. Dangerous culinary exploits aren’t the only risk that may emerge this holiday season. There may be risks lurking in your home that put guests at risk of tripping, slipping, and falling. If one of your guests happens to fall in your home, you could face a costly homeowners insurance claim — or worse, you could face litigation. Avoid the following four mistakes in such a situation.

Don’t Assume Your Homeowners Insurance Will Cover the Damages

A guest who falls in your home will likely seek compensation for damages. It may include medical bills and payment for their pain and suffering. You may assume that your homeowners’ insurance will cover these costs, but that is not always the case. Many homeowners’ insurance policies offer limited coverage for injuries of this nature. You should consider investing in additional liability insurance to cover any exposures your existing homeowners’ policy does not account for.

Don’t Dismiss the Fall or Downplay an Injury

It’s important to remember that the severity of an injury isn’t always apparent. A person might fall and suffer an injury, yet continue to enjoy the evening. Injuries such as strains and sprains may not cause any pain until hours or days after a fall. According to experts, a person may even break a bone without immediately realizing it. Thus, as the host, it’s important not to downplay a guest’s potential injury. Instead, be sure to offer them help to access medical attention.

Don’t Let the Liability Affect Other Party Guests

After a guest falls, investigate the cause of the accident. Sometimes, a person might simply lose their balance — but in other instances, a liability in your home caused the fall. In instances wherein the latter is true, you must eliminate the liability. For example, if a fall occurs on a slippery floor, you should dry it immediately. Similarly, if one of your guests falls after tripping on a rug, remove the rug so that other guests aren’t at risk of falling, too.

Don’t Neglect To Inform Your Homeowners Insurance Agent

Although your homeowners’ insurance might not cover the damages incurred after a fall, it’s essential to inform your insurer of the incident. You don’t want to surprise your insurer with a claim filed by the injured guest. If your Norwich home insurance does not cover liability for injuries in your home, consider adding an umbrella liability insurance policy. Adequate insurance coverage is certainly something to be grateful for this Thanksgiving.

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