5 Reasons Why You Need Homeowners Insurance in Connecticut

When you purchase a house and obtain a mortgage, Homeowners insurance is a requirement of the loan. In addition to having to buy the coverage, there are several compelling reasons why you should have this vital insurance protection:

Protect Your Home From Natural Disasters
Everything from fire damage, t­­­­­­­ornadoes, lightning, and theft can leave your home destroyed or your belongings taken from you. Homeowners insurance is designed to help cover the repair or replacement costs of your home in the midst of destruction.  After your deductible is paid, your insurance will help you to restore your life back to normal.  According to the Insurance Information Institute, 482,000 structures were compromised last year by a natural disaster in the United States. And, 57% of all homeowner insurance claims were as result of fire damage in 2010.

Added Security
Your home is a huge investment and natural disasters aren’t all that can occur. In Connecticut alone, there were 3,993 home invasions on record throughout 2009.  Having that added security of homeowners insurance will lessen the stress when you’re faced with emotional distress. With Homeowners Insurance you’ll be able to replace your items after they’re stolen (and if you have replacement cost coverage on your personal property, depreciation won’t be taken into account).

Liability Coverage
Another great benefit to homeowners insurance is that it can cover your liability if someone is injured on your property. What’s more, you can also be covered by your policy if you injure someone else or his or her property.

Easy to Obtain
While some types of insurance are difficult to get, homeowners insurance is not that way.  As long as you own a home, you are going to find someone willing to help you insure that home. Finding the right agency to provide the coverage that’s right for you and your needs is what’s key. If you’re financing your home, as we stated above, you are required to have insurance.

Homeowners Insurance is Affordable
Some insurance policies can be costly, but homeowners insurance can be very budget-friendly.  While health insurance can run you into the thousands of dollars each year, a homeowners policy will cost you a fraction of that price, depending on your home and the value of your personal property.

Homeowners throughout Connecticut and Southern New England look to the Byrnes Agency to protect their homes in the event of damage or liability. We take pride in the fact that so many residents trust us with one of their most valuable assets, and because of this we take the time and care needed to make sure our customers understand the various options available to them.

In addition, we work with some of the most respected insurance companies in the country, and can provide you with comprehensive Homeowners insurance at competitive pricing. Get a free immediate Homeowners quote — just click here, or call the Byrnes Agency location nearest to you.