Connecticut Auto Insurance: Beware of Parked Cars

Connecticut Auto Insurance: Beware of Parked CarsConnecticut Auto Insurance: Beware of Parked Cars

It’s a simple equation. Poor driving equals a poor driving record. If you rack up the speeding tickets, negligent accidents, or driving violations, your auto insurance will feel the pain. But what about the dangers of parked cars?

Parked cars represent a dangerous hazard typically disregarded in the driving realm. However, they can cause serious problems for your safety, driving record, and auto insurance costs. Here are some situations to avoid to on those summer road trips.

Parking in a risky or just plain illegal spot. Don’t be tempted by convenience or proximity- even pulling up in an unauthorized zone for a few moments could put you at risk to get hit. Stop only in designated parking areas- you’re less likely to get in an accident.

You hit a parked car. You turn a corner and clip a car that’s parked on the street. You underestimate the distance in the aisle as you back up in a cramped parking lot. It’s easier to do than you think. If you do hit a parked car, stop and call the police. Leaving a note on the windshield isn’t foolproof- it could blow away and then a minor incident escalates to a hit-and-run.

You hit an illegally parked car. Typically, when a moving vehicle hits a stationary one, the operator of the moving vehicle is held responsible. But here is where the line blurs. If you hit an “illegally” parked car, blame isn’t automatically placed on you- it becomes an issue of negligence. Sometimes a “percentage of fault” can be assigned to each driver. However, if you were driving that moving vehicle, chances are the blame lies more with you.

No matter what, always make sure to call the police if you get into an accident. And make sure you have comprehensive coverage to protect you and your family in case of an accident. The Byrnes Agency provides individuals throughout Connecticut and the country with Connecticut Auto insurance plans to protect against unforeseen damages and injuries. With access to dozens of insurers, we can obtain the most affordable rates for the coverages you need. Contact us today for more information.