Connecticut Dorm Room Insurance: Security & Fire Safety Tips

Connecticut Dorm Room Insurance: Security & Fire Safety TipsConnecticut Dorm Room Insurance: Security & Fire Safety Tips

While it may not be your college student’s first thought, as a parent, safety is always your first concern when sending a child away to college. Here are some tips to create a personal security plan and set up some safeguards so your child stays safe in their Connecticut dorm room. This post is provided by Byrnes Connecticut dorm room insurance. Call us today about our dorm insurance / renters insurance programs.

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All campuses have security in place to protect your children. Make sure your student knows exactly how to get in touch with them. They should also have a thorough understanding of the campus and where to go in case of an emergency. Many schools offer orientation and guided tours of campus- this can be a great opportunity to find the fastest routes to the security office. In addition, make sure you know your child’s schedule and walking routes.

There are various security products to help your child make sure they stay safe in the dorms. Room safes can be inconspicuous or kept in a drawer for personal documents, jewelry, or checkbooks. Laptop locks are also available to make sure it isn’t stolen when left in the room. Finally, dorm room insurance can also cover your child’s belongings if they aren’t living at home.

Crowded dorms can also make fire risk particularly dangerous. All smoke alarms should be working and checked regularly. Caution your student that hairdryers, curling irons, and straighteners should be unplugged when not in use and shouldn’t ever be left unattended. Replacing high wattage light bulbs with energy efficient ones can also prevent overheating and fire risk.

If your child is living in a dorm, then typically your Homeowners policy would cover their belongings for a limited amount. This depends on the type of policy and the insurance company that issued the policy. Homeowners policies vary greatly as to what is and what isn’t covered for students away from home. If the student is renting an off-campus apartment or house, then it’s a good idea to buy a separate Renters policy. Contact us today for more information about our Connecticut dorm room insurance programs.

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