Connecticut Home Insurance: What to Look for When Buying a House

Connecticut Home Insurance: What to Look for When Buying a HouseConnecticut Home Insurance: What to Look for When Buying a House


Buying a home is one of the biggest investments you will ever make. You want to protect your investment for years to come. But protecting it doesn’t just mean investing in Connecticut home insurance. When house hunting, you want to make sure to do the research now, so you’ll have a great investment for you and your family for years to come.

Zillow recently came out with tips on what to look for when buying a house.

Location. Location is incredibly important, and its value can vary according to your lifestyle. Within a few blocks of a great school, great amenities nearby, or a gorgeous landscape can all make a huge difference in where you choose to live.

The home’s position on the lot. Where the home sits in relation to the street are key elements in choosing a home. Is your living room shaded by the neighbor’s extension? Does the master bedroom look into the neighbor’s family room? Privacy and light issues could all be affected by a home’s position on the lot.

Crime. This one requires no explanation. Check the latest crime figures for a neighborhood- it can give you a good overview of the number and types of crimes over a certain time period. Since most municipalities post their crime statistics online, it shouldn’t be too difficult to assess the safety of your neighborhood.

Walkability. Being able to walk to a store, school, work, or public transportation is a huge draw for homeowners. Not only will it benefit you, it could be a big advantage if you ever decide to sell down the road.

Taxes, dues & fees. Many people overlook monthly fees associated with homeownership. Almost any property will have taxes, and a lot of communities with homeowners association will have regular assessments. Make sure you have a full understanding of all costs before you select a home.

Once you make the decision to purchase a home, you want to make sure you get comprehensive Connecticut Home Insurance coverage to protect your investment. Byrnes Agency can help you with everything from determining the preferred amount of personal liability coverage to include in your policy to extended replacement cost coverage to cover the full value of your personal property. Contact us today for more information about out Connecticut Home Insurance.