Connecticut Sees an Early Winter With Rising Energy Costs

Connecticut Sees an Early Winter With Rising Energy CostsConnecticut Sees an Early Winter With Rising Energy Costs

As record low temperatures hit this weekend in southern Connecticut, we will soon be experiencing a treacherously cold early winter. While most families will be huddled together near the fireplace, drinking hot chocolate, the cold will probably be too much for them to tolerate. If the climate becomes slightly unbearable, most residents will turn on their heater. According to the Energy Department’s Energy Information Administration, we should acknowledge that we will be paying more to keep our houses warm this year compared to last year. Connecticut experienced its second warmest winter last year. Throughout the winter months of December, January, and February, the average temperature was six degrees higher than prior Connecticut winters. In fact, the snow cover was at one of its smallest in the past 46 years. However, the sun will not be shining as bright this year.

Fortunately, the price for natural gas, heating oil and other fuels will be moderately consistent. The Energy Information Administration released a statement expressing that the heating bill will rise for all customers despite the type of fuel they use to keep warm. Heating oil users will see a 20% rise, natural gas users will see a 15% rise, propane user will see a 13% rise, and electricity users will see a minuscule 5% rise. Many customers are regretting not switching over to a more cost efficient alternative, as frost has already begun to appear. However, those who use heating oil are expected to pay $3.80 per gallon, which many will find difficult to afford. Unlike the other energy sources, heating oil is made from crude oil which is governed globally. As the demand for crude oil increases, the price will increase, as well.

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