Have a Happy Holiday by Avoiding These Common Thanksgiving Claims and Disasters

Have a Happy Holiday by Avoiding These Common Thanksgiving Claims and DisastersThe holiday season is now in full swing! However, though we may be entering the most wonderful time of the year, the festive holiday family gatherings come along with a side of risks. Within all the commotion, there are some things that can easily go wrong and turn what should be a fun-filled time into a hassle and a cost. You hear about them every year whether it be a cooking disaster, a house fire, or a fender bender in a traffic jam.  It can make a world of difference by having the right insurance coverage and being aware of these disasters to try to prevent them.

Auto Accidents

It’s true: today is one of the busiest and most dangerous days to drive. Between the packed roads filled with people trying to reach their Thanksgiving destinations and the likelihood of people consuming alcohol and getting behind the wheel (some have dubbed the Wednesday before Thanksgiving as “Drunksgiving” or “Blackout Wednesday”), the chance for auto accidents and other inconveniences on the road is at an all-time high.

Will people be drinking alcoholic beverages at your party? If you over serve a guest, you may find yourself responsible for any damage they do once they leave your home. Hosts are held liable for any property damage caused by their intoxicated guests, which is why Connecticut homeowners insurance is so important. This can range from something minor, like a mailbox being run over to much more serious offenses.

Plan a party that doesn’t focus on drinking and incorporate these safety tips:

  • Provide “filling food” that counteracts with alcohol and provide plenty of non-alcoholic drinks.
  • Know who designated drivers are before the drinking begins.
  • Stop serving alcohol and hour before the party is planned to wrap up.
  • Cut off any drunk guests.

Make sure that your Auto Insurance is up-to-date and prepared for any traveling you may do in these next few months.

Cooking Dangers

Cooking on Thanksgiving is a time-honored tradition, but if you don’t know what you’re doing, it can be a costly exercise.

  • If you decide to deep-fry your turkey this year, beware of the dangers. Fryers cause a large number of house fires each year. If you use a fryer, consider cooking outdoors at a safe distance from anything that could catch fire.
  • Avoid hot oil spills by adding the turkey into the pot when the oil is cold to determine the amount needed to fry. When adding the turkey to the hot oil, prevent flare-up by shutting off the fuel source. Before lowering into the pot, the turkey must be completely thawed and dried.
  • Never leave the turkey unattended or use ice or water to cool down oil or put out an oil fire. Keep an extinguisher for grease fires nearby!
  • If you happen to give your guests food poisoning, you could end up being held liable for any medical bills so be certain to cook the turkey thoroughly.

Further Precautions

You can also be held liable if a guest is injured in your home. Trips, falls and dog bites can all result in injuries or a lawsuit and you will end up covering these costs out of pocket if you are not properly insured with Connecticut Homeowners Insurance.

To lower your liability, party elsewhere. Host at a restaurant and call a cab for anyone who had too much to drink and get them a hotel.

Know the “social host liability” laws well to see what you could be sued for. Also, review your policy to make sure you have adequate coverage.

All it takes is a call to your insurance agent and an understanding of these common causes of claims to drastically reduce your risk of anything going wrong during this holiday season. From our team to yours, have a happy Thanksgiving!

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