How to De-Clutter Your Car

How to De-Clutter Your CarHow to De-Clutter Your Car

With the kids in the backseat, you aren’t taking any chances. You’ve driven carefully all winter, mindful of slippery roads and ice patches. But what about the inside of your car? Below we’ve provided some tips on how to de-clutter your car.

Our vehicles have become our home away from home- our mobile command center if you will. They are alternatively shuttle buses, sports lockers for cleats and uniforms, vending machines, and our mobile command center when we’re on the road. For many, it can be a place of business, filled with reports and documents as we shuttle between meetings.

But the versatility of your vehicle can also be a hazard. An unsecured game device or bag of snacks, for example, can slide under the drivers foot and disrupt their driving. Loose toys could become flying projectiles in the event of a sudden stop.

While auto manufacturers offers some impressive bells and whistles (GPS, infotainment systems, etc.), not many vehicles have basic storage, such as for personal items.

Keeping your car organized can help you drive safer on the road. Here are some tips to help you get started.

Take it one day at a time. Begin by taking something out of the car at the end of every day. Pick one area of clutter, such as stray receipts, and go through them, throwing out anything unnecessary.

Establish boundaries. If you have kids, limit the amount of toys they can take into the car, and make sure they help out and clean out their seats when they get out of the car. Don’t bring 20 DVDs into the car if your storage system only holds ten.

Find the organizational products that work for you. There are many types of vehicle organization gadgets to help you stay more organized. This could be everything from an air vent or backseat hanger to add extra storage options. There are even trunk totes, or simple plastic bins to keep everything organized.

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