A How-To Guide for Filing a Home Insurance Claim

Everyone buys Dayville homeowners insurance with the hopes of never having to use it. However, when something does occur, it is reassuring to know that your insurance company is there to help. The process of filling out a home insurance claim can be a little confusing the first time around.

Here is an explanation of how to file a home insurance claim, broken down into eight simple steps.

1. Handle the Emergency

When something bad happens to your home, follow your instincts and do what it takes to keep your family safe. Depending on the emergency, these first steps may be to file a police report, call the fire department, or cover a gaping hole with a tarp.

2. Call Your Insurance Company

After you secure the scene, immediately call your insurance company. An agent will tell you whether your policy covers the damage you experienced and how best to proceed. Refer to the company website for a 24-hour claim reporting number.

3. Document the Damage

Take time- and date-stamped pictures of everything related to the damage or loss. Then, for comparison, locate old photos of the same items. Also, get out your home inventory or receipts that verify the value of stolen or damaged belongings.

4. Do the Paperwork

Carefully fill out all forms that the insurance company sends you. The most important is the proof-of-loss form. Most states dictate that you must file claims paperwork within one year, but it is better to mail it in as soon as possible.

5. Make DIY Repairs

Don’t treat a hole in your roof like a skylight while you wait to hear from the insurance company. Allowing further damage to occur may make them less likely to pay for repairs. Instead, do what is necessary yourself and keep your receipts.

6. Talk to the Insurance Adjuster

An adjuster’s job is to investigate Dayville homeowners insurance claims. Don’t worry when one comes to call; just relax, stick to the facts when telling what happened, and provide as much documentation as possible.

7. Get Quotes from Contractors

Obtain repair quotes from at least three professionals in your area. Quotes are usually free, so there is no harm in shopping around. If you don’t know where to start, ask friends or check online reviews for referrals. It is best to call only licensed contractors because otherwise, an insurance company may not agree to pay.

8. Receive a Check in the Mail

Once the adjuster has evaluated your situation and the insurance company approves the settlement amount, you will receive money in the mail. If you have a mortgage, your lender will also receive a check, which will go into your escrow account to fund the repairs.

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