Planning a Summer Riding Trip? Read This First

Planning a Summer Riding Trip? Read This FirstSummer is one of the best times of year to get out and explore the great outdoors. Whether you’re aching to take your motorcycle out for a cross country road trip or you’re just wanting to explore your own backyard, being exposed to the extreme heat and elements this time of year does pose some significant safety concerns. Before setting out on your adventure, secure your investment with a Windham County Motorcycle Insurance policy and heed the following safety advice.

Stay alert for signs of heat stroke & heat exhaustion.

Your body will send you signals that it’s having trouble with the heat, which can include cramps, nausea, headaches, extreme fatigue, flushed or pale skin, dizziness, and heavy sweating. Left unchecked, you can develop Heat Exhaustion, which is a form of mild shock. If you’re feeling these symptoms, it’s time to pull over, rehydrate, rest and recover for as long as it takes. Don’t be in a rush to get back on the bike; sometimes a rider doesn’t want to inconvenience their friends by holding things up, but if heat exhaustion is allowed to develop into heat stroke, you’re in big trouble. Your cooling system shuts down, and body temperature can rise to as high as 105 degrees. Brain damage is possible and, at the very least, you’ll likely have an erratic pulse and trouble breathing, states The Lost Adventure.

It’s better to be safe than sorry, so pull over to a shaded or air-conditioned store to cool off.

Cover your skin.

You might be thinking, it’s summer, why would I want to cover my entire body in clothing? Covering your skin will protect it from getting burned, and exposed skin makes it harder for your body to cool down. If your skin is exposed to the sun, sweat is swept off in the wind, causing you to face signs of heat stroke and heat exhaustion sooner.

Bring plenty of water.

Especially if you’re on a long trek, your body is going to need water to stay hydrated and flush toxins. Do your best to consume at least a liter of water an hour. It sounds like a lot, but your body will thank you.

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