Well-Being at Work: 6 Tips for Employee Safety and Health

No matter how great the product or service is, the heart of any business is its employees. In an age where finding and keeping the right people comes with challenges, taking a holistic approach to establishing a healthy, positive workplace becomes key. Comprehensive business insurance, including workers’ compensation insurance, helps ensure employee well-being and minimizes the costs associated with downtime for employers.

However, encouraging employee safety and health creates a thriving workplace, prevents absenteeism, and reduces the risk of workplace-related claims. Below are some tips to help you establish a culture where health and wellness aren’t simply afterthoughts but priorities.

1. Establish a Safe Physical Environment

Whether in an office setting, warehouse, manufacturing plant, healthcare facility, or other location, tapping into the ergonomic side of performing any type of work benefits employees and employers. A safe environment also means ensuring equipment and facilities are clean and maintained. 

Along with conducting regular safety and maintenance checks, an assessment of equipment and job tasks can create opportunities for improvement. Empowering employees to voice safety concerns and ideas provides an employer with invaluable insights into safety and potential ways to increase productivity.

2. Promote Mental Health Awareness

While physical health is always a priority, mental health is a growing concern. Businesses that provide support and resources to help manage stress and encourage open communication about health concerns often have happier, more productive employees. Lifting the stigma of mental health and offering assistance also helps minimize workers’ compensation insurance claims.

3. Encourage a Healthy Work-Life Balance

Technology has opened the door to new ways to complete tasks, allowing employees to have a better work-life balance. Although it’s easy to look at the numbers and want to establish goals, it’s important to have realistic expectations. 

Technology offers many benefits but can also lead to burnout, as employees often feel they are always on the clock. In one survey, 62% of employee respondents felt some level of burnout. Implementing flexible work hours and remote work options and encouraging vacations and breaks alleviates the burdens, further minimizing the impact on business insurance.

4. Prioritize Employee Training and Education

Safety is a necessity, but it requires educating and training employees. Every business is unique and has its potential safety risks. Conducting regular safety training sessions is a key element of having informed employees who not only understand potential hazards but also look for ways to minimize risks. Offering additional support and resources further adds to the effort to prevent workplace injuries.

5. Offer Wellness Programs and Initiatives

Open dialogue about health and wellness also should come with initiatives to promote it. No matter a business’s budget, there are ways to incorporate wellness programs

For those on a budget, establishing an internal wellness committee offers a cost-effective way to focus on health while promoting a team mentality in the workplace. A health team can develop fitness challenges, workshops, and other activities that promote healthy lifestyles while rewarding employees for their efforts.

6. Encourage Healthy Habits

Employers know the importance of business insurance and health insurance. They can minimize the cost of both by encouraging employees to develop healthier habits. 

Feeling good transcends every part of a person’s life. Businesses can help employees achieve that goal by promoting the importance of proper hydration and nutrition, offering areas for physical activities and relaxation, and encouraging regular health check-ups and screenings.

Help Employees Stay Healthy & Injury-Free

By promoting physical and mental health wellness, rethinking the workday, setting realistic goals, and establishing programs to encourage wellness, businesses can contribute to employee safety and health while minimizing the impact of injury claims. However, if a workplace injury happens, you can feel confident that you have comprehensive coverage with Byrnes. Contact us today. 

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