What to do When Your Car is Totaled in a Wreck

Getting into a car accident is a stressful experience. There is the initial shock and assessment of injuries to deal with, and afterward, taking a look at the state of your vehicle.

Extreme damage can sometimes lead to a totaled vehicle. This happens if there are no repairs that would make the vehicle safe to drive again or if the cost of repairs is greater than the car’s worth. While accidents are nerve-racking, Dayville Auto Insurance can get you a policy to cover most losses you may experience. 

Get to Safety and Report the Accident

When an accident has occurred, the first and most important task is to see to your own safety and that of any passengers. If possible, you should move the vehicle away from traffic to prevent any additional problems. If the damage is too great, leave the car and get yourself and others safely off the road to wait for help to arrive. 

Next, report the accident to the police and call for an ambulance if anyone has an injury. It’s a smart idea to have everyone looked over, even if they claim they are fine. A tow truck can take the car away if it isn’t driveable.

File a Claim

The next part in the steps to getting a new car after a total loss is to contact your insurance provider to file a claim. You will need to report the accident and give as many details as possible. The insurer may require documentation of any other involved parties. 

Take Your Car to an Approved Mechanic

Find a mechanic approved by your insurer for a smoother process. The mechanic will assess the damage to your vehicle and provide your insurance provider with a full report on the extent of the issues, as well as the predicted cost to fix the vehicle.

Contact Your Insurance Adjuster

Once Dayville Auto Insurance has the information about the state of the car, they can look up the value it had prior to any damage and compare. Your insurer will make the final call on whether or not to total the car.

If that is the decision, your provider will notify you of the amount of money that you can expect for your vehicle. If you hold a loan on your car, or if you were leasing, your insurer will pay that off first. Once you know what you will receive, you can start to shop around for your next vehicle. 

Good insurance coverage is essential for every driver. You never know when you will have a fender-bender or worse. Even if the damage is not your fault, a comprehensive, collision, or property damage liability insurance policy can help you recover the monetary loss of your car so you can get into a new vehicle quickly. 

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