Your Business and Asbestos Exposure Liability

In recent years, the word asbestos has been linked with the word lawsuit as rising claims have been made and bigger payouts have been awarded. If one single fiber of asbestos gets into someone’s lungs, it could put them at risk for respiratory issues and even mesothelioma later on.

Asbestos has been banned in 60 countries throughout the world, except in the United States, where more than 1.3 million workers face exposure every day. Since the workplace is the common denominator here, businesses can be exposed to major lawsuits and hefty claims as their employees are exposed to asbestos.

As a result of the spreading of litigation concerning asbestos exposure and related physical issues, businesses could end up seeing exclusions in their local general liability coverage, such as business insurance CT programs.

From office buildings to construction sites, it’s best that businesses understand the risks they face when it comes to asbestos and how they can combat potential legal problems.

Asbestos Liability

No matter the kind of business you’re in, you should be considering a business insurance policy that will cover exposures in the workplace. If an asbestos exposure is alleged in the workplace, it’s common for the owner to be part of a lawsuit.

Knowing this, it’s important to protect yourself with updated and comprehensive business insurance CT options, such as directors and officers insurance, which can help protect leaders in a company that is being targeted for major claims. While you can argue that you didn’t know of asbestos in your workplace, the cost of defense alone could make having a policy even more valuable.

Employers are under a duty to provide a safe workplace for their employees, to warn their employees about asbestos dangers and provide the right training to keep everyone safe. The law recognizes a duty to keep employees safe and even local governments may face certain lawsuits by employees for failing to properly take care of asbestos and have it removed from municipal buildings.

Workers’ Compensation and Asbestos

In many states, workers’ compensation laws are a major factor in determining the responsibility of employers for asbestos exposure.

A workers’ compensation claim against an employer is usually conducted outside of court. Most states have an administrative bureau in place to make decisions when it comes to disbursement of workers’ compensation funds to someone who falls ill due to asbestos.

These funds are raised through contributions to state programs or are paid through private insurance options. When it comes to asbestos exposure, a workers’ compensation claim is limited to claims against a direct employer. Manufacturers, suppliers, and contractors who may operate around a certain level of asbestos on a regular basis are not responsible under workers’ compensation law.

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