Best Road Trip Apps for Kids

Best Road Trip Apps for KidsBest Road Trip Apps for Kids

Road trips with kids can go two ways. They are a great time for some quality family time. And, they could be an endless chorus of arguing and the eternal question, “are we there yet?” For those moments when the kids are becoming restless, take a look at some of the best road trip apps for kids.

Road Trip Bingo. This one allows two people to play at once. Perfect for siblings. The bingo boards are filled with objects you might see while driving including road signs, colored cars, and objects.

Mad Libs. This is the app version of the Mad Libs game where players come up with nouns, verbs, and more to fill in the blanks in silly stories. It is great for an interactive family experience on the road. The game uses silly words that encourage language play. The initial app is free, and you can purchase larger game packs if you’d like.

License plate game. Another app version of the classic road trip game, this helps you keep track of the score.

Dr. Seuss’ ABC. You can read Dr. Seuss stories with the kids, or they can listen while the program highlights the words as they are read aloud.

Family Car Games. This app contains 100 family activities you can play as a family in the car. The app gives you directions on how to play, so you can put away the phone and enjoy each other’s company, unplugged.

Road Trip Scavenger Hunt. The app tells you what to look for on the road and tallys points as you go along. The whole car can participate, looking for various objects and words along the road.

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