How a DUI Will Affect Your Car Insurance

How a DUI Will Affect Your Car InsuranceThe dangers and repercussions of driving under the influence are well-known, but people continue to take the risk. Those who are fortunate enough to survive with only a DUI conviction do not only need to work through any legal repercussions; they also will find themselves with some significant changes to their car insurance. Insurers must look at certain key factors in determining if these drivers will require higher premiums because they pose a greater risk. Here are some of the factors in a DUI that will affect your car insurance rates.


Insurance for an 18-year-old who has been convicted of driving under the influence within the past 12 months would be less affordable than coverage for a 30-year-old with the same history. For anyone under 19 years old, a single DUI within a year will be more expensive than for anyone older. The youngest of drivers will undergo the toughest insurance penalties from a DUI.


Insurers typically focus on the past three to five years to judge your driving record and calculate a quote. For DUI violations, it is a common requirement for a minimum of about 35 months’ of clean driving to qualify for normal, cheaper rates. For an individual who had a DUI four years ago, their underinsured motorist premium would cost significantly less than someone who had a DUI in the past 12 months.

Number of DUIs

The most important factor is the number of DUIs a driver has had in the past three years. A 30-year-old with four DUIs can expect bodily injury coverage premiums to be over 50% higher than someone with one DUI.

Further Considerations

If you get a DUI, you’re immediately considered a high-risk driver. The best thing to do is to be honest with insurers, because an SR-22 or FR-44 form may be needed on your behalf, to prove you have Connecticut’s required liability car insurance so you can reinstate your driving privileges. If you don’t already have a poor driving record, insurers will be more likely to keep you as a customer. However, if this is the latest of many incidents, insurers may terminate your policy.

Even if you don’t have to submit an SR-22 or FR-44, the DUI won’t stay hidden forever. Insurers typically check driving records during coverage renewal, which will show recent DUI convictions. Car insurance is needed for financial protection, however a DUI is a costly issue. Depending on your specific situation, your car insurance premiums may increase dramatically.

There’s no magic secret to lowering your insurance rates after a DUI. Responsible driving and time will be the only way to get your rates back to normal.


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