How to Properly Manage Payroll During the Holidays

Business owners must know how to properly manage payroll during the holidays to prevent fallacies and inconsistencies. Automating your company’s time tracking during the busy holiday season will help ensure accuracy and consistency across timecard reporting and management. It eliminates the human error potential, which may lead to employment practices liability exposure risks. After all, any indication of preferential treatment in time and payroll management, hiring, and termination can put your company at risk.

Efficient Ways to Properly Manage Payroll During the Holidays

Business owners should understand these liability risks and what they mean for companies across the country, especially with the holidays approaching.

How Do the Holidays Affect Employment Practices Liability?

The holidays are chaotic and stressful, and many workers look for time off from work during this season. Unfortunately, as the busiest work season in many companies, that time off can be hard to get. If you deny a request for time off, miscalculate payroll hours or overlook a shift differential for an employee, you may face a legal claim from that employee for discrimination in the workplace.

How Can You Minimize Employment Practices Liability Risks?

Automating your payroll and time tracking is one of the easiest ways to minimize the risk of any liability issues. When scheduling, time tracking, and payroll are all automated, it eliminates human bias, preferential treatment risks, and the perception of any impropriety. It is vital to hold staff members to the same schedules, restrictions, and payroll processing requirements.

What Are the Benefits of Automated Payroll Systems?

Automating payroll systems can be a time-saver for your business, primarily through the holidays.

Time-Off Management

Automated payroll systems provide a single platform for employees to submit requests for time off. You can block out specific dates when necessary, ensuring that the company does not accidentally permit a day off when everyone else is supposed to be there.

Overtime Notifications

Most time management platforms include integrated notification systems to alert you when employees are approaching overtime mandates. These alerts can save you significantly if your goal is to minimize overtime through the holiday season.

Direct Payroll Integration

If data entry issues have been a problem, you can eliminate them with an automated platform. These systems integrate into payroll platforms, eliminating manual timecard entry. Comprehensive, automated time reporting translates to accurate paychecks.

Expense Regulation

Expense reports are another liability concern. The right automated time-tracking platform includes expense reporting support. Set up the categories permissible to expense and then require scanned copies of submission receipts.

These automated services ensure equitable and fair treatment across the board for time tracking and accessibility.

What Else Can Reduce Employment Practices Liability Exposure?

Documentation is the key to reducing your company’s liability risks. When you can show cause for any decision, liability risk is reduced.

Properly trained management staff who understand the importance of impartial, fair determinations and automated staffing management platforms can also protect your business from costly employment practices liability claims.

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