Connecticut Auto Insurance: Road Trip Tips

Connecticut Auto Insurance: Road Trip TipsBefore you hit the open road this summer, take a moment and read our tips. From safety tips and fun roadside stops to check out, you’ll get the most out of your road trip, no matter the destination.

Fuel Cost Calculator. A handy tool in planning for your trip, the calculator lets you calculate gas costs based on number of miles, price per gallon, and mpg for your vehicle.

Choose your companions wisely. Maybe the most crucial component to your trip- if you’re going to be driving with someone for hours on end, make sure you love, or at least like the person. Any slight annoyance will only be compounded when you’re all snugly situated in your vehicle.

If you see something cool, go look. Don’t worry about sticking to a carefully regimented schedule. If you see an interesting attraction or town, get out and go take a look. That random burst of roadside spontaneity could be the unexpected highlight of your trip. Iowa boasts the world’s largest ball of twine or head back to the Old West at California’s Calico Ghost Town where gunfights breakout every half hour-  whatever state you choose, there are some historic, cool, and just plain random sites to see along America’s highways.

Be prepared. Don’t rely on truck stops for your next meal. Bring snacks and water with you in the car. You’ll save money and they can distract young ones from that endless question; “Are we there yet?.” Don’t forget music too. Stack your car with CD’s or create playlists so you won’t have to scan through static to find the local radio station.

Safety. Switch drivers often- driving tired can be just as bad as driving intoxicated. Keep a first aid kit in the car, just in case, and double check your auto insurance plan before you go to make sure you and your passengers are fully covered. The Byrnes Agency provides individuals with Connecticut auto insurance plans to protect against unforeseen damages and injuries.

Rely on Byrnes Agency to protect you for your next road trip adventure. Contact us today for more information.