How to Avoid Car Theft: Think Like a Thief

How to Avoid Car Theft Think Like a ThiefHow to Avoid Car Theft: Think Like a Thief

Roughly 800,000 to one million cars are stolen every year according to CNBC. With the huge influx of cars clogging the mall parking lots this time of year, it is easier for a car thief to steal your vehicle out of the lot unnoticed. You can lessen your chances of auto theft during the busy holiday season by thinking like a thief and following these “How to Avoid Car Theft” safety tips.

How to Avoid Car Theft

Auto theft is a common opportunity crime. The more difficult it is to break into your car, the less likely that your vehicle will be targeted for theft. Even if you are leaving your car for just a few minutes, always lock it. Don’t ever leave your keys in the car, or the motor running if you aren’t in the driver’s seat.

Don’t leave anything lying on your seats to encourage a thief walking by. That includes portable GPS, shopping bags, cell phones, laptops, backpacks, purses, or any technology. Try and always keep your valuables with you. If you have to leave them in your car, make sure they are stowed out of sight so you can’t see them when you look through the window.

Choose your parking space wisely. While the holiday rush does limit available parking spaces, try and park in well-lit areas whenever possible. Car thieves tend to target cars in areas that are dark and less frequented.

Use your car alarm. Make sure to utilize all of your car’s safety features. Any GPS tracker, alarm system, etc., should be fully updated and functioning at all times.

Sometimes, even despite your best efforts to Avoid Car Theft, your vehicle can be stolen. If that moment ever comes, you want to make sure you are prepared and protected. Let the experts at the Byrnes Agency help you find the right New London County Auto insurance coverage for you. Contact us today for more information.