New London Auto Insurance: Benefits of Washing Your Car

New London Auto Insurance Benefits of Washing Your CarNew London Auto Insurance: Benefits of Washing Your Car

It happens to the best of us. We mean to wash our cars, but inevitably it gets pushed to the bottom of the list as our hectic schedules take over. But failing to wash your car on a regular basis can have larger impact that just its grimy appearance.

In the short term, not washing your car won’t really affect your expenses. You might even save a few bucks by skipping professional car washes. However it is the long term effects that can kill you.

The accumulation of dirt, particles and dust that accumulates on your car is more than just unsightly. It can actually scratch your car’s finish. The clear coat of your cars finish is designed to protect the paint from dulling due to UV radiation, and to protect it from the outside world. Accumulated dirt that cakes up when you fail to wash your car causes this barrier to wear down faster.

The problem also is it isn’t just dirt that accumulates. Bird droppings, acid rain, industrial pollutants, tree sap and insects all contribute to damaging your car. Without a regular washing schedule, it allows all those contaminants to cake up and potentially damage your paint.

Finally, letting all those contaminants accumulate damages your paint and leads to the auto vehicles biggest foe: rust. Rust is the process of metals breaking down when they are exposed to air. And, if it’s not cut in time, rust can penetrate your car’s farm, damage its structural integrity and in worst scenario, render it unsafe to drive.

Experts recommend that a once weekly wash is ideal. That way it will be frequent enough so if you miss a week, it won’t hurt you in the long run.

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